Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management Services

At Bank3, we understand your business challenges and opportunities. Our Treasury Management solutions will provide you with the means to tackle your day-to-day operations while preserving and managing your cash flow. With our broad experience and range of services, we will help you optimize your working capital with a customized program developed specifically for your needs, with the personal attention and support of our seasoned team of professionals.

For more information about our Treasury Management Services, please contact:


Tim Clements, Senior Vice President, and Head of Treasury Management:


Business Online Banking

Business should not have to stop for banking. Manage your accounts online, anytime, and anywhere!

Managing a business can mean early mornings and late nights…and running to the bank is not always an option. With business online banking, you do not have to interrupt your busy day or even be in town to get your banking done. Monitor and manage your payables, receivables, loans, and invested funds, all online. Use your PC, laptop or download our Mobile Business Banking app to your phone or tablet. Choose from our variety of Business Online Banking packages to get the right setup for your business.

  • Versatile, secure, electronic platform for business customers
  • Access your accounts from your computer or mobile device!
  • Deposit checks with your mobile device
  • Save time and money on postage fees with online bill payments
  • Instant, real-time view of deposit, savings, and loan information
  • View detailed account history
  • Transfer funds
  • Place “Stop Payment” orders
  • Export transaction data to various financial software programs
  • Simplify account management
  • Basic version available without a monthly fee; additional add-on options available
  • Protect your information using eStatements

Receivables Solutions

Gain faster access to incoming funds

Streamline the process of managing your receivables and get quicker access to those funds. We will help you increase your sales with services that allow you to accept multiple payment methods, deposit incoming funds efficiently, and make the money coming into your business available to you more quickly.

  • Remote Deposit Capture – quickly scan checks and deposit them electronically from your own location(s)
  • Mobile Deposit Capture – for smaller companies that need to scan their checks
  • Lockbox Services – With Bank3’s Wholesale Lockbox, incoming payments are automatically collected, processed, and deposited into your account on an ongoing basis. And with better access to your money, you will have greater fiscal strength and flexibility.
  • Merchant Services – Maximize sales by accepting electronic payments from major credit and debit cards
  • Incoming wire transfers
  • ACH Collection Origination
  • Cash vault services
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Payable Solutions

Optimize your Payment Strategies

Keep your business running smoothly with smart management of your disbursements. We can assist you with developing payment strategies that help you maintain control of your cash flow while ensuring that payments are made accurately, safely, and efficiently.

  • ACH Payment Origination
  • Domestic and international wires
  • Bill Payment
  • Account reconciliation
  • Business Debit Card– Easily make purchases and track expenses with our free debit card.
  • Business Credit Card – Choose from convenient options with benefits such as cash back or reward points, great rates, expense management tools, no annual fee, and employee cards with individual limits.
  • Purchasing Card
  • Payroll Card

Risk Management Solutions

Utilize special services designed to keep your accounts secure

Reduce the risk of fraudulent activity occurring in your business accounts with customized solutions that keep your funds well-protected during electronic transactions. Our security strategies employ the latest technologies to keep your funds safe.

  • Check Positive Pay
  • ACH Positive Pay (Filters)
  • ACH Debit Blocks
  • Dual Control Authorization capability
  • Token and Out-of-Band authentication

Liquidity Management

Balance your accessible cash and investments

We can help you develop a well-balanced liquidity strategy that puts your earnings to work for you in short-term investments without compromising your daily operating funds or risky the security of your assets. Build toward future growth, while keeping enough cash on hand to cover your immediate day-to-day and planned expenses.

  • Competitive Earnings Credit Rate
  • Business Preferred Money Market account
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Business Sweep Solutions (Loan and Investment)

Insured Cash Sweep®

The Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) is a product offered through Bank3’s partnership with IntraFi Network that allows 100% FDIC coverage for large balances over $250,000, while still earning a great interest rate and only having to deal with one bank!


The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS) is another product offered through Bank3’s partnership with IntraFi Network that allows you to secure 100% FDIC insurance coverage on CD balances over $250,000 while only dealing with one bank!

Please contact your local banking center or email us for more information!